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  Thibodaux Police Department  

TIPS for citizens when stopped by law enforcement!


Why do Police stop people ?

There are many different reason why you might be stopped by the police.  Whatever the reason, the police officer needs your cooperation.
  • You may have committed a traffic violation.
  • You may fit the description of a suspect.
  • The officer might think you are in trouble or need help.
  • You may have witnesses a crime.

If you are stopped by the police while driving, you may feel confused, anxious or even angry.  These are natural feelings, but remember, traffic stops can also be stressful and dangerous for the police officer.  Each year, a number of law enforcement officers are killed or seriously injured while making the "routine" traffic stop.  Police officers are especially vulnerable during the hours of darkness.

With this in mind, there are things that you as a law abiding citizen, can do to help lessen the unpleasantness of the experience.


In all cases, a citizen is required to cooperate with police.

Each situation is unique and the police officer must alter his/her response to fit the circumstances.


Generally, a police officer:

  • Will provide his or her name upon request.
  • Who is not in uniform will present proper identification.  You may request to examine his/her credentials so that you are satisfied they are a law enforcement officer.
  • Will inform a person of the reason for being stopped.
  • Will only use the force necessary to effect the arrest of a suspect and to maintain custody of the prisoner.
  • Will not search the body of a person of the opposite sex except to prevent injury to the officer or another person, or to prevent the disposal or destruction of evidence.
  • Will only arrest a person for a crime committed in the officer's presence, or when the officer has probable cause to believe the person has already committed the crime.
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