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No date/sometime between 1912-1923 (House on left behind Courthouse was moved to accommodate the present day Clerk of Court building. Green St. Is on right between Courthouse and other white building/old Roth Drug Store bldg,now occupied by Fremin's Restaurant)
1909- (Green St. on left -W. 3rd St. On right looking towards Bayou Lafourche with old water tower in distance.)
1930s (Cars are on Green St.- The house on the right was moved down the street to accommodate the present Lafourche Parish Clerk of Court office building)
Court House - 1924(Green St. On right)
1911(Green St. On right- W. 2nd St. Is where Model T is - Green St. Columns on bldg added. Old dome and rotunda have been replaced. Old jail on right.)

photos were contributed by Wayne Oncale that were donated to the Nicholls State University Archives

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