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City of Thibodaux, LA
SENIOR MAYOR FOR A DAY - November 18, 2003
Mr. Leon Ayo
Our Tuesday, September 16, Senior Mayor for a Day was Mr. Leon Ayo, Jr., AKA “Lee”; nominated by Audubon Guest House:  All around City Hall, employees stated, “Now Mayor “Lee” can say he’s worked almost every position for the City of Thibodaux.”  Mayor Lee knew so many employees because he previously worked for the City of Thibodaux for 15 years in areas such as Public Works, Meter reading and the Police Department.  He retired in May of 2000 from the Police Department.  Since then, he says he has been “living it up” at Audubon Guest House.  Mayor “Lee” stated, “It’s great there.  I don’t have to cook and they even wash my clothes.”  Despite the rain, Mayor Charles Caillouet and Mayor “Lee” Ayo enjoyed their day with a staff meeting, tours of City projects and lunch at Pepper’s Pizzeria (courtesy of Pepper’s Pizzeria).
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