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City of Thibodaux, LA

Mayor Charles Caillouet and the City of Thibodaux announces
the "Senior Mayor for a Day" program.

TheSenior Citizen's Center has been selected to participate in this month's"Senior Mayor for a Day" program. On the third Tuesday of every month,one senior resident of Thibodaux will be invited to sit in as Mayor of the Cityof Thibodaux. The program helps encourage positive communication between ourcity's senior residents and the City of Thibodaux's leadership team. 

The City of Thibodaux would like to introduce our first 
"Senior Mayor for a Day"

Mr. Theodore J. Madere

Mr. Madere will step in as our “Senior Mayor for a Day” on Tuesday, June 17, 2003. Mr. Madere who likes to be called "Ted" is 72 years old. His birthday is June 21, 1930. (Happy Birthday!) He has four children: Michael, Martha, Ronald and Steven. Next month, he and his wife, Barbara, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. After working for Shell Oil for 32 years, he retired in 1996. He is a member of the Thibodaux College Class of '47 in which they call themselves the "Ancient Ruins" and an active member of the Knights of Columbus Council #1114. Mr. Madere enjoys spending his time at the Senior Citizen's Center working bingo. He is also a member of the "Gumbo Guys" who help prepare food at St. Joseph Church during Lent. Mr. Madere stated, "I think being "Mayor for a Day" will be a good and nice experience. I had a friend who was "Mayor for a Day" back in the '40's. We joke that now it's finally my turn."

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