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Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce Business Card Exchange
June 10, 2004 from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at the Thibodaux Police Department, 1309 Canal Blvd.
Sponsored by: Thibodaux Police Department & Peppers Pizzeria

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I'd like to recognize Rachel Ordoyne.  For the past month and a half, she's taken a leadership role in assisting 4 different departments.  While attending Nicholls State University full-time, she works in the Grants Department helping with paperwork, grants and other duties.  The Human Resource Director has been out sick, so Rachel also took on training the new secretary and assisting her in any HR matters that come up.  She has also been helping the Recreation Department with their overload with the upcoming Baseball season.  Every morning and right after lunch, Rachel leaves City Hall to assist the new Recreation Director and recreation secretary to answer phones.  On top of that, she helps with any work that is needed in the mayor's office.  She welcomes new tasks without hesitation and eagerly gets the job done.  Rachel is definitely an asset to the City of Thibodaux.
(Signature of Author)

Rachel Ordoyne is definitely a fine example of "People First" and lives our Standards of Performance.  Thank you Rachel for everything that you do for everyone!  Keep up the good work!
Mayor Charles Caillouet

For the past six plus weeks, Randy and Clarence have kept operations running smoothly at the Civic Center.  The Civic Center is currently two employees short and when you consider all of the events that take place in April and May with weddings, dance recitals, graduations (high school and college), etc., this is a major task and requires going well above and beyond the requirements of their positions.  I have been informed by the Director of the Civic Center that during this time and overload of work, Clarence and Randy NEVER complained about the extra duties bestowed on them.

Thank you to Clarence and Randy.  They have put "People First" regardless of the sacrifices they had to make to do this.  I really appreciate your efforts and I know that the people of Thibodaux do the same.
Mayor Charles Caillouet

Tommy Eschete is the Perfect Person that fits our city motto, "People First".  Even though he's a busy person, he still finds time to make anyone he comes in contact with feel good about themselves.  He always greets you with a "Hello" and a "Smile".  You would never know if he's having a bad day because he's always "Smiling".  He's a family man as well as a "Spirit Lifter".  He gets along with his co-workers as well as the public.  He's a fair man.  Tommy is described by his co-workers as friendly, likes to talk, funny, very knowledgeable, quite polite, loves to joke, very helpful, very personable, entertaining, loves popcorn.  Tommy loves his job and takes pride in it.  This is why he deserves this Honor.
(Signature of Author)

Congratulations, Tommy, and thank you for everything that you do for the City of Thibodaux!  Keep up the good work!
Mayor Charles Caillouet

PLATOON "C"                                                  
DETECTIVE BRIAN TAUZIN                                SGT. JOHN STENNETT
COE JOYCE TURNER                                        OFC. JASON NAQUIN                                       
                                                 OFC. CHAD ROBIN                                           
OFC. PAUL LAMKINS                                        OFC. ANTHONY STELLY
PFC. PABLO GARCIA                                        DETECTIVE LAURA GUISE

Over the course of only 2 days, Platoon C made over six arrests for felonies while still responding to fights in progress and other complaints.  Their professionalism, teamwork, quick response and excellent coordination in an example for all.

It is rare to issue a WOW to an entire group, but this is "teamwork" at its best!
Mayor Charles Caillouet

Please read below an excellent example of putting People First!  Great job, Officer Lane and THANK YOU!!
Mayor Charles Caillouet

Today I received a phone call from ________.  She called wanting to compliment a Thibodaux Police Officer.  She just moved to Thibodaux and advised that she never experienced such compassion and professionalism from a law enforcement officer before and that she needed to call and compliment on Officer Kim Lane's actions.  She said that she was sitting at Wendy's the other day talking to her daughter on the phone about placing her mother in the hospital and that she was going through a tough time.  She noticed that an officer was sitting across from her.  The officer must have overheard the conversation and when the officer got up to leave, she (Ofc. Lane) slipped her a business card.  Written on the card was "I will say a small prayer for you and your mother."  _______ was touched by Officer Lane's actions so much it brought her to tears while explaining the story to me.  She advised that she was on the phone and was unable to thank Officer Lane.   In turn I advised her that I would forward this message.
Great job Officer Lane, your compassion and work ethic does not go unnoticed. Such a simple jester can affect someone so greatly. Going the extra small step can carry the department and city a long way.

Captain Toups

On May 10th I reported a stolen bicycle from my residence at 8:30 pm.
I made this request, in person, at the police station after trying to catch the juveniles myself.
I was greeted by Officer Jason Kent, who took all my information.  I noticed right away how professional and understanding this man was to my needs.  I figured another bicycle lost, and almost never made the claim.  I knew I would never see the bike again, but I felt violated that someone had walked on my back porch and stolen something that belonged to ME.  I was just trying to make the police department more aware of the thefts in our neighborhood.  Maybe get an extra patrol down my street.
At 11:15 pm that same night, Officer Kent called and summoned me to the police station to identify a bike he had located.  When I arrived he, Officer Mayet was dusting the bike for prints.  In three hours these two men had located my bike, were trying to get prints of it, and then had cleaned the thing.  Now, finding the bike and returning it to me is simply unbelievable, but that's not what I remember the most.  Both the men, especially Officer Kent, made me feel important.  They replaced my feeling of being violated with the feeling of gratitude.   I take great pride in this city and speak highly of its administration and its employees.  This is just one example of how good people, under good direction, can do great things.
Thank you for your leadership and your employees.  Please let these two officers know how much their work is appreciated.
(Signature of Author)

The dedication of the Adley Landry Water Reservoir will be held on Tuesday, June 1 at 6:00 p.m. at the water reservoir next to the Thibodaux Civic Center (North Canal Boulevard).  
In memory of Councilman Adley Landry.

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Thibodaux Main Street FARMER'S MARKET

Landry Vineyards, a Louisiana family owned and operated winery, is producing wines from wine grapes grown on the Northshore in Folsom.  
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