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ADULT VOLLEYBALL IN THIBODAUX!  Michael Bonura, Recreation Director has just announced that he has received 14 teams for the upcoming Adult Co-Ed Volleyball league.  Mr. Bonura stated, “We are overwhelmed by the participation.  We knew there was a need for adult recreation in the area and while we expected a good turnout we had no idea the community would respond with so much enthusiasm.”  Click here for the upcoming schedule.

Thanksgiving Holiday Camp!  Thibodaux Recreation Department is offering a Thanksgiving holiday camp for children between the ages of 5 through 11.  Registration now going on at the Recreation Center in Peltier Park between the hours of 8:00 a.m. until noon and from 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.  Deadline to register is November 17.  Click here for the Holiday Camp schedule.
The Thibodaux Main Street Promotions Committee presents Art’s Alive Downtown on Thursday, November 20 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Bright Ideas by Kacy – 711 West 3rd Street.  Local Artist include Alcef Adams, Diane Badeaux, Alvin Batiste, Lu Chiasson, Bob Cornes, Angela Delhomme, Robert Foret, Joan Hoffmann, Susan Hoffmann, Janet Lococo, Pam Villagran, & Greg Young with musical guest KEVIN KOIKE!  Refreshments will be served.
Holiday camp director and Junior counselors
Volleyball scorekeepers for adult leagues
If interested please call 446-7235.

Mayor Charles Caillouet, the Thibodaux City Council, and all employees of the City of Thibodaux kicked off the new Vision for the City of Thibodaux on Thursday, November 6, 2003 at 1:30 in the Thibodaux Civic Center.

“Our vision for the City of Thibodaux is to be the community of choice 
for people to prosper and enjoy life.”

Modeling their platform from Thibodaux Regional Medical Center, 15 employees were chosen to author Standards of Performance, a document that outlines the standards by which all employees of the City of Thibodaux must adopt in their everyday work routine.  A skit entitled, “Mission:  Possible” was performed at Thursday’s kick off as a way to introduce these standards to all employees.

Mayor Caillouet stated, “If Thibodaux Regional can be ranked in the top 1% of patient satisfaction in the country using this platform, the City of Thibodaux can rank in the top 1% of citizen satisfaction in the country.”  Thibodaux Regional began their campaign several years ago with a similar program gleaned from successful companies such as General Electric, the Ritz-Carlton, and John Deere.  CEO of Thibodaux Regional, Greg Stock, describes the success as a transformation of how the hospital operated and how all personnel and staff adopted behavioral standards, created by teams of employees of the hospital in order to accomplish its new vision.

The schedule of events for the presentation by the City of Thibodaux included the presentation of “Mission:  Possible”, comments by Human Resource Director, Lillie Young; Mayor Charles Caillouet, Council President Jerome “Dee” Richard, and Thibodaux Regional’s Assistant Administrator of Patient Care Services, Brenda Arceneaux.

Employee of the Month 
Jessica Hebert

Jessica Hebert, Senior Account Technician is one of those employees who does an excellent job.  Jess is being pulled into many different directions every day. In fact, there is very often a “waiting line” in her office.  Jessica is asked to “switch gears” at a moment’s notice. That “waiting line” can consist of a payroll question, a budget problem, a question on grants or capital projects or an accounts receivable dilemma.

Jessica doesn’t mince words. She’s soft spoken, but she’ll manage to make her point. She’s knowledgeable in every aspect of accounting and finance because she takes an interest in the workings of city government.  She’s computer savvy which is a definite plus in this age of technology.

Being responsible and dependable are Jessica’s best assets.  We know we can depend on her and she will be there.  She also takes responsibility when she needs to.

(Signature of Author)


Dear Chief Robertson:

The purpose of this letter is to express my profound appreciation to your department for its high quality of service to our great city and its residents.

I would like also to extend my deepest gratitude to your Officer Todd M. Gagnard, who came to my residence as per my telephone request to your department on October 25, 2003 at 5pm to resolve an apparent problem I had with my landlord ….

It was a great pleasure and distinct honor for me to meet Officer Gagnard, in whose professionalism and effectiveness I was impressed.  It is admirable of Officer Gagnard to act with extreme politeness and patience in trying to assist me within the confines of the law and your department’s rules and regulations.  Officer Gagnard acted with complete confidence, cordiality, and professionalism, and with extreme care for my health and safety.  He is truly an honorable officer, and should be an honor to your department.  The manner by which Officer Gagnard acted also speaks of your high quality of leadership to have trained and developed public servants, such as him.

In the past twelve years, I have had the pleasure of occasionally meeting your officers, and I must admit they, and especially officer Gagnard set role models among police officers in this great country of ours.

I hope that you take a few minutes of your time to thank and congratulate him on my behalf for his professionalism ….  He has the promise of becoming a great leader in the near future. 

(signature of author)

Curtis Hue, Civic Center Director, would like to invite you to come and see their new addition - Sport’s Court Flooring!

Click here to view pictures of the Civic Center's Sport's Court Flooring.


Senior Mayor for a day:  
Mrs. Genela Naquin
Employee of the Month:    Ms. Jessica Hebert    

The Thibodaux City Council is meeting on Tuesday, November 18 at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall.  For your convenience, the Council agendas are posted on our website the Friday before each meeting.  Past agendas are also available via website.  Click the quick link Council Agendas on our home page – http://ci.thibodaux.la.us/
The Thibodaux Main Street Farmer's market will be open every Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  The market will be opened every Saturday and is located on LA 1 and Maronge Street.  Fresh produce, plants, flowers, soaps, baked goods, Des Allemands seafood and much more will be available.  Bring the children to the market to enjoy playing with the animals at the petting zoo.  Prospective vendors can call Joyce Benoit at 985-448-1474 for more information.


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