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Employee of the Month 
Brenda Barrios

Happy Birthday & Congratulations to Ms.Brenda Barrios, Executive Secretary of the Recreation Department for being chosen as the October City of Thibodaux Employee of the Month.

Ms. Barrios was nominated for her outstanding performance of running the Recreation Department in the absence of a director.  After Michael Bonura was hired as Recreation Director, Ms. Barrios continued to show excellence by handling all duties while teaching Mr. Bonura the City’s procedures and policies for the Recreation Department.  “For the first month, she was my right AND left hand,” Mr. Bonura stated, “She truly is an asset to our department.”

The Fall Festival & Craft Show will be held at Peltier Lawless Developmental Center located at 690 East 1st Street on Saturday, October 18 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The show will include food, crafts, live music, entertainment for the children and much more!  Contact Sheila Patterson for information or booth rentals at 985-449-5181 ext. 232.
Thibodaux Playhouse celebrates its 44th season!    Amazing for Community Theatre!!  The Thibodaux Playhouse always invites new members, new actors, and new backstage crew, especially volunteers experienced with technical assistance in lighting, sound, and electrical concerns.  Check out their brand new website!  www.Thibodauxplayhouse.com

Thibodaux Main Street Cook-Off  
Whose Cuisine will Reign Supreme, It could be yours!  Get your aprons on and enter in the 2nd annual Thibodaux Main Street Cook-Off on Friday, November 7 on the corner of West 2nd and St. Philip.  Deadline for entering is Monday, November 3rd.  The judging will start at 6:00 p.m.  Each dish must be prepared and cooked from start to finish on the grounds of the contest.  For more information and registration information contact Randy Barrios at 447-4713 or Kristin Batulis at 448-5852.

Thibodeauxville Fall Festival is an annual celebration of art, culture, food and music.  Held on the streets of downtown Thibodaux, the festival features 150 arts and crafts booths, Cajun cuisine, live continuous music, and this year, will feature the Cajun Corvette Club's Clean Wheels Car Show.  Thibodeauxville will be held on November 8 from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Included in this year's musical line-up are the U.S. Navy Band, Tab Benoit, Treater, Don Rich, and one stage that features Christian music throughout the day.  There is no admission charge to enter the festival.

CMT's Most Wanted Tour will be featured at this year's festival.  The mobile interactive experience includes life sized cutout stand-ups of country music superstars, artists' memorabilia and a photography system that puts fans on the cover of CUT magazine.

Another feature of the festival is the annual Thibodeauxville Duck Race on Bayou Lafourche.  This year the race is being sponsored by Harrah's New Orleans Casino.  Numbered rubber ducks are launched into Bayou Lafourche that correspond to numbered tickets.  The first duck to cross the "finish" line results in a $1,000 prize for the ticket holder, second prize is $500, 3rd prize is $250 and 4th prize is $100.  Duck race tickets are $5 each, and are currently available through the Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce.

Booth space is still available for arts, crafts and food.  Anyone interested in securing a booth, or purchasing a duck race ticket can do so by visiting the Chamber office, 318 East Bayou Road, or call the Chamber for more information, 446.1187.  Vendor applications are also available at the Chamber's website:  www.thibodauxchamber.com.

Mayor Caillouet recently received a telephone call from a gentleman expressing his thanks to an employee of the City who assisted his wife with a flat tire. 

His wife’s vehicle experienced a flat tire somewhere close to Peltier Park.  While attempting to change the tire, the car fell off of the jack.  It was at this time that Glenn Burrell, an employee of the Parks Department, passed and noticed the situation.  Glenn “Bug” stopped to help the lady.  He left and went to get a flat jack to get the car back up in order to change the tire.  Once the lady’s tire was changed and she was safely on her way, “Bug” went back to performing his work duties.

Her husband was very appreciative and congratulated Mayor Caillouet on having such fine employees in the City of Thibodaux.

Congratulations to Sergeant Calvin Cooks who will be named by the Veterans of Foreign War Memorial Post 5097 as the 2003 Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Sergeant Cooks is the commander of the Housing Authority Unit and has accepted this responsibility with pride and determination.  Sergeant Cooks is determined to provide a safe environment for senior citizens to live, as well as an environment where children can play without the fear of harm.  To accomplish this goal, Sergeant Cooks moved into an apartment inside the Housing Authority area.  He is now available to the residents 24-hours a day, addressing all matters from physical assaults to a lost pet.  Sergeant Cooks walks the area on a daily basis and knows the residents on a first-name basis.  He has eradicated drug dealers, violent offenders, and career criminals.  He has driven children to school, counseled them concerning their personal problems, and most importantly, been a role model of someone they can count on for help.  While our neighbors in New Orleans experience one murder a day in their Housing developments, the Thibodaux Housing Authority area is one of the safest areas in the city, due to the tireless efforts of Sergeant Cooks.

Congratulations to Officer Henry Campbell of the Thibodaux Police Department for receiving the Legacy of Achievement Award from the Lafourche Council on Aging on September 25, 2003.

During his tour of duty, Mr. “Cam” or “Bae Bee” as we call him assures that there are no abandoned vehicles in the parking lots belonging to the Thibodaux Housing Authority.  Mr. Henry makes contact with any resident if he notices a problem with the grass or trash in their yard.  Mr. Henry also keeps in personal contact with all of our elderly residents who reside on General Nicholls and Ridgefield Road area.  Often, he advises headquarters that he will be on foot patrol in the elderly area.  He goes from door to door talking to the residents to ensure that everything was all right.  Some elderly people are reluctant in calling the police if they have a problem, but if you just happen to stop by to visit, they might decide to open up about their problems and Mr. Henry understands this process very well.

In closing, Mr. Henry is a role model for the younger generation and an asset to the Thibodaux Police Department.  He is highly qualified and deserving to receive this prestigious award of Louisiana’s Older Worker.

THANK YOU SERGEANT JAMEY FONTENOT, PATROLMAN JIMMIE WILSON AND PATROLMAN  HENRY CAMPBELL for being an excellent example of “People First”.  What a fine example for the employees of the City of Thibodaux to model! 

Excerpts from a letter addressed to Chief Howard Robertson of the Thibodaux Police Department: 

RE:       Kind Officers

On September 18, 2003, my wife was traveling from Houma to Thibodaux to watch my daughter play in a volleyball match at E.D. White High School.  She had two ninth grade students with her when her vehicle broke down in a less than desirable section of Thibodaux.  Within minutes several Thibodaux police officers arrived on the scene to render assistance….

… They all went well beyond the call of duty and, at one point, thinking she was out of gas, went to one of their homes, retrieved a gas can, filled it and returned to the scene.  Unfortunately, the fuel pump was broken and the vehicle was not out of gas.  The officers stayed at the scene well in excess of one hour and made every effort to repair the vehicle.  I arrived after approximately forty-five minutes and they were still working hard to get the vehicle started.  When it became obvious that it would not start they made arrangements to have the car towed….

…I know that, all too often, the only feedback that police officers receive concerning their job is usually negative.  You can be proud of your officers.  They were very professional at all times and made my wife feel comfortable in a very awkward and threatening situation.  They were most helpful and deserve a “pat on the back.”

THIBODAUX MAIN STREET will host Art's Alive on Thursday, October 16 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at The New Post, Ltd located at 405 West 3rd Street.  The event will include local artists and refreshments!  For more information contact Joyce Benoit at 448-1474.

The Thibodaux Main Street Farmer's market will open Saturday, October 25 from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  The market will be opened every Saturday and is located on LA 1 and Maronge Street.  Fresh produce, plants, flowers, soaps, baked goods, Des Allemands seafood and much more will be available.  Bring the children to the market to enjoy playing with the animals at the petting zoo.  Prospective vendors can call Joyce Benoit at 985-448-1474 for more information.
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