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DON'T FORGET - IT'Sbout TIME! Everyone enjoyed the last two boxing tournaments at the Civic Center, so the City’s administration rounded them up again.  The Boxing Gym presents Professional Boxing at the Civic Center on Saturday, February 1 at 7:00 p.m.  Call 446-7260 for ticket information.


RECREATION MOVING FORWARD:  The City of Thibodaux has just received a sports floor for the Civic Center.  The sports floor is designed for use of several different sports.  The new flooring comes complete with two NBA approved basketball goals, two adjustable basketball goals, volleyball equipment and a gymnasium divider.  Mayor Charles Caillouet stated that this new flooring would be an asset to the city and would offer more recreational programs for all ages and athletic ability.

  GETTING READY:  The Recreation Department is getting all parks ready for the upcoming season.  Not only are the everyday maintenance of trimming and cleaning of trash and debris being done at the parks, but steps are also being taken to make all fields and entertainment parks ready for the summer. 
  THE RESERVOIR PROJECT IS UNDERWAY:  The reservoir near the Civic Center is currently being dredged and the fill is being dumped at Andolsek Park to raise that property.  Stop by to see the progress!
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