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On Saturday, August 17, 2002, Parks & Recreation hosted the opening ceremonies for Bantam Football League at MLK Park.  This marked the opening of the season for Bantam.  M.L.K. Park has been declared the new home for Bantam football.  “The opening ceremony was well attended by the parents and I think this season will be a great year for Bantam,” stated Parks & Recreation director Rabbit Landry.

Plans to enhance the MLK football field include: installing a timer on the scoreboard, realigning the field, installing electrical lines and water lines on both sides of the field, renovating the ladies restroom, and the finally, a Press Box will be placed on the home side of the field.

The East Corridor “Back Street to Canal Boulevard Extension” will officially open with a ribbon cutting at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, August 26.  Asphalt has been poured, and final dressing of shoulders, driveways, etc. is being taken place.

Through a cooperative effort between the Parks & Recreation director, Rabbit Landry and the city’s Horticulturist, Cindy Griffin, landscaping and beautification has begun at Peltier Park.  New park benches, donated by the Thibodaux Lions Club, have been placed near the exercise path. 

Thibodaux Police Department Installing
Three-Way Stop Sign.

After conducting a traffic study and assessing vehicle and pedestrian safety conditions along Tiger Drive, Thibodaux Police presented to Mayor Charles Caillouet findings that were felt to warrant the installation of a three-way stop sign at the intersection of Tiger Drive and Cedar St.  The new signage was approved after being introduced by the administration and a Public Hearing conducted at the August 6, 2002 City Council meeting.

Chief Craig Melancon and the department’s traffic division used the technology of a computerized, digital traffic counter, as well as conducting interviews with the residents along Tiger Drive, to determine that sufficient evidence was in place to warrant the placement of the signs to improve the overall safety of motorists and pedestrians who utilize Tiger Drive and Cedar St. on a daily basis.

From May 9 through May 15, 2002 the number of vehicles that traveled through the intersection was a 34,771, or approximately 4,967 vehicle a day. Taking into consideration the high volume of traffic and the areas schools, as well as the residents who use the street to travel, and the sidewalks, which parallel to Tiger Drive for exercising, the administration concluded that a three-way stop sign at the intersection would increase the safety conditions of the area.

The Thibodaux Police Department intends to install the new signage on Monday, August 26th, and will closely monitor the intersection so that citizens become aware of the changes and take the necessary actions to stop before proceeding through the intersection.

In a joint statement by Mayor Caillouet and Chief Melancon they stated, “with the creation of the department’s new traffic division, our intentions are to work in unison at the enforcement and legislative level to implement changes where issues of traffic flow and safety can best serve our citizens.  This new signage will hopefully improve the safety of motorist, residents and pedestrians who use Tiger Drive and Cedar St.”

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