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"Since new developments are the products of a creative mind, wemust therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in every waypossible."
                        -- George Washington Carver

New Look – Thibodaux Welcome Signs


The City of Thibodaux has acquired a new look at two of its most heavily used entrances.  The two new stucco-styled signs are located on La 24 and St. Patrick Hwy (the City’s entrance from Chackbay) and on LA 308 on the South entrance to the City.   

The City has been working on this project for some time trying to insure that the signs would reflect both the attractiveness and welcoming warmth of Thibodaux.  Beautiful landscaping was constructed around the La 24 and St. Patrick Hwy sign.  Future plans for landscaping the South entrance sign are in effect.

Mayor Charles Caillouet stated, “It is only fitting that we have these beautiful signs to welcome people to our grand City.  It fits nicely into our economic development progress toward attracting people and businesses to the City.”

Work continues at placing these signs at all entrances to Thibodaux.


Ø     The City ofThibodaux would like to thank all residents of Thibodaux for their cooperationin paying their property tax.  Over96% has already been collected!


Ø     The City ofThibodaux Utilities Department would like to remind everyone to participate inthe direct payment service for their utility bills. This free service will allowcustomers to pay utility bills using their bank account and will benefit them bysaving time and money, eliminating lost and late payments, decrease checkwriting and have utility bills paid while on vacation. Any customer wanting tobegin the direct payment service will need to complete the authorization formobtained at City Hall.  


Ø     Mark your calendars!! This year’sThibodauxville Irish/Italian Society Parade and Dinner is scheduled for Sunday,March 17 at 2:00 p.m. The Grande Marshals for 2002 are:


  Nora O’Connell


  Phillip Caballero


This year the parade chairman is Buddy Bilello and thePresident is Jessie Fabiano.  It’snot too late to ride in the parade and take part in the celebration. The cost is$50 per person or $80 per couple.  Therewill be a breakfast reception before the parade at the Howard Johnson and adinner after the parade at Fremin’s.


Formore information contact Eddie Hebert at 985-446-5268.


Ø     On February 17th the ThibodauxBeautification Coalition celebrated its annual Tree Legacy Program at MLK Park. This year 20 Crepe Myrtles were planted in memory of loved ones. The recreation director along with the city horticulturist chose thelocation for the trees.  The lay outof the trees mark the entry of the future-walking trail in MLK Park.

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