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Thibodaux, LA 70302
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Public Works

1219 Henry S. Thibodeaux St.
P.O. Box 5418
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70302
Office: (985) 446-7223
Fax: (985) 446-7272  


 Archie Chaisson - Director
  Thibodaux Public Works Department Public Works - Planning and Zonning  

Board Members Term Ends    Board Members  Term Ends
Clay Breaud (Chairman) 8/17/2015   Mark Kearns 8/13/2019
Ed Delatte 8/5/2018   Robert Mire 2/19/2018
Cheryl Thomas 5/15/2017      

  2010 Meeting Dates & Agenda Deadlines
  2010 Zoning Review - South Central Planning & Development Commission
  2011 Meeting Dates & Agenda Deadlines
  2018 Meeting Dates and Agenda Deadlines
  Administrative Resubdivision of Land
  Application for Special Exception
  Application for Variance - Zoning District Regulations
  Application for WCF - Antenna and Tower Use Permit
  Application for Zoning Amendment
  Application for Zoning Change
  Board Members
  Family Subdivision - Checklist and Status Report
  Landscaping Ordinance
  Mobile Home Park - Checklist and Status Report
  Parking Requirements
  Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Information
  Public Subdivision - Checklist & Status Report
  Public Subdivision Plats
  SIGN ORDINANCE - Article 9 Revised 7-18-17
  Statement of Ordinance Violation
  Subdivision Fee Schedule
  Subdivision Application Form
  Subdivision Regulations
  TND - Project A
  TND - Project B
  TND - Project C (2)
  TND - Project C
  TND General and Specific Implementation Plans
  TND Zoning Map
  TND Zoning Regulations
  Town House Ordinance - Article VIII
  Wireless Communication Ordinance
  Zoning Map (Revised 10-3-17)
  ZONING ORDINANCE 11-1-14 (Revised 7-18-17)
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