310 West 2nd Street
P.O. Box 5418
Thibodaux, LA 70302
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Thibodaux Police Department

1309 Canal Blvd.
P.O. Box 5418
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70302
Emergency: 911
Office: (985) 446-5021
Fax: (985) 446-7214
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City of Thibodaux, LA
Date: November 8, 2005
City of Thibodaux
1309 Canal Blvd.
Thibodaux, LA 70301
Phone: (985) 446-5021
Fax: (985) 446-7214

Safety Tips for our Kids

 The Thibodaux Police Department would like to pass on some very important safety tips regarding children and strangers.

Strangers! - Parents, how often do you speak to your children about coming into contact with a stranger? Remember, it’s like teaching them to tie their shoes or ride a bike. Unless you discuss and practice stranger safety with them often, they might not remember what to do when they come into contact with a stranger. Here are some safety tips you can practice with them.

1) Teach them that if an unfamiliar person approaches them, they should quickly walk away and tell someone they know.

2) Remind them that strangers will try to trick them in going with them.

Ex) Offer them candy – Help me look for my lost puppy

3) If by chance a stranger attempts to grab them, teach your kids to kick, swing their arms and scream for help as loud as they can. This will attract attention to them and someone will come to help or call the police.

4) That when they get separated from their parents they should look for a policeman or someone they know and trust.

5) Help your kids learn their phone number and address. Its never to early and if they are ever separated from you that little information can become the link in helping them return home safely.

Also, parents did you know that there is a site on the internet that lets you check your local area for registered sex offenders. By visiting, www.12.familywatchdog.us and entering your address, it will show a map of your area. Each dot on the map, if any represents a registered sex offender. When you click on these dots, a photo will appear along with a list of their offenses.

“Remember, it’s never to early or to late to teach your kids stranger safety”



                                                                                   Det. Laura Guise

                                                                              Public Information Officer
 2/7/2016  Sunday PRchecker.info     25537