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City of Thibodaux, LA
Date: October 7, 2005
City of Thibodaux
1309 Canal Blvd.
Thibodaux, LA 70301
Phone: (985) 446-5021
Fax: (985) 446-7214

Thibodaux Police Officer Victim Of Hit And Run

 During the early morning hours of Friday, October 7, 2005, a Thibodaux Police Officer was patrolling the area of 709 St. Mary Street regarding traffic/crowd control during bar closing. The Thibodaux Officer observed a blue colored Cadillac parked in the middle of a side street blocking the flow of traffic. As the Thibodaux Officer approached the Cadillac, he observed a subject sitting in the driver’s seat with the motor running. As the Thibodaux Officer attempted to make contact with the subject, it appeared that the subject was sleeping. The subject then sat up, put the vehicle in drive and aggressively accelerated, striking the Thibodaux Officer’s leg and his near by unit. Disregarding orders to stop the vehicle, the Thibodaux Officer sustaining minor injuries, entered his unit and proceeded to follow the suspect Cadillac. With the assistance of his fellow officers, the suspect Cadillac was later located in a near-by parking lot on Ravenswood Street. Again the suspect Cadillac disregarded police commands to stop. After the police gained control of the suspect Cadillac, the driver exited and engaged police in a foot pursuit. Upon apprehension of the suspect, he was identified as Quentin Edward Rogers and found to be in possession of marijuana. Rogers was then transported to the Thibodaux Police Department where he was processed accordingly and later transported to the Lafourche Parish Detention Center where he remains.

A hit and run is the intentional failure of the driver of a vehicle involved in or causing any accident, to stop such vehicle at the scene of the accident, to give their identity, and to render reasonable aid.

The giving of ones identity means that the driver of any vehicle involved in any accident shall give their name, address, and their vehicle license number, or shall report the accident to the police.

However, when you are a victim of a hit and run, you should gather as much information as possible. The information would be; model, color, year, and license plate of suspect vehicle, any distinguishing marks or characteristics of the suspect vehicle (tinted windows, rims, exhaust pipes, etc…), race and gender of the suspect, direction of travel of the suspect, and the amount and area of damage sustained to the suspect’s vehicle.

Whoever commits the crime of hit and run where death or serious bodily injury is a direct result of the accident or where the driver knew or must have known that the vehicle they were operating was involved in an accident or that their operation of the vehicle was the direct cause of an accident, shall be imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not less than five years nor more than twenty years:



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                                                                              Public Information Officer
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