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City of Thibodaux, LA
From: Police Department
Contact: Public Information Officer, Lt. Malcolm Dupre
Date: Tuesday, November 25,  2003
City of Thibodaux
1309 Canal Blvd.
Thibodaux, LA 70301
M-26 Tasers

Thibodaux Police Chief Howard P. Robertson is announcingthe deployment of twelve M-26 Tasers.  Thistechnologically advanced, less lethal, conducted energy device will be issued toOfficers of the Thibodaux Police Department. The Taser is designed to transmit electric pulses, which disrupt thebody’s central nervous system causing muscles to contract. Officers trained in the use of this device will have it available at amoments notice to aid in handling and apprehending combative high-risk suspects. The M-26 Taser is also equipped with laser sighting and advancedtechnology that tracks and records usage data. This weapon becomes another alternative to the Officer responding to acall, that is forced to use a non-lethal weapon, (batons, chemical spray, orimpact munitions) when dealing with a suspect.

SeveralThibodaux Police Officers were selected to go through the advanced training withthe M-26 Taser and became Instructor Certified through Taser International. These Officers will instruct all Thibodaux Police Department Officers inthe use of this new device.

ThisElectro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) weapon uses a powerful 26-watt electricalsignal to completely override the central nervous system and directly controlthe skeletal muscles.  This EMDeffect causes an uncontrollable contraction of the muscle tissue, allowing theM- 26 to physically incapacitate the target regardless of pain tolerance ormental focus.  In most cases, theindividual is immobilized in less than half a second. 

Whenused by trained Officers, the target or suspect will definitely be immobilizedand will not do anything to resist, which is in the Officer’s favor. When the impulse power is complete, the suspect becomes fully functionalwithin one minute with no permanent damage or injury. 

TheAdvanced Taser, M-26, is a valuable tool that the Thibodaux Police Department isproud to add to its equipment and will enable Officers to maintain a safeenvironment for the public.

A demonstration of the M-26 Taser will be held atthe City Council meeting on December 2, 2003 at the Thibodaux City Hall at 5P.M.  The media and the public areinvited to attend.
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