310 West 2nd Street
P.O. Box 5418
Thibodaux, LA 70302
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310 West 2nd Street
P.O. Box 5418 
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70302
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Cityof Thibodaux

310 WestSecond Street

Thibodaux,LA 70301


From: Mayor Caillouet’s Office

Date:  April19, 2002

 ThibodauxWins Cleanest City District III Title!

The LouisianaGarden Club Federation District III Director, Stella C. Lasseigne, informedMayor Charles Caillouet and members of the Thibodaux Garden Club of the districtwin on Thursday night.  The contestwas held on Wednesday April 17th.  Judges from the Louisiana Garden Club Federation rode adesignated route to determine if the City of Thibodaux had what it takes to benamed district winner.  The judgeswho where from Lake Charles and Iowa, LA have had experience judging on both thestate and district levels. They were treated to a reception at City Hall on themorning of the contest.

Thibodaux competed against Morgan City; whose populations’range from 8,001 – 16,000, which places both cities in category D. The city will compete in the State Cleanest City Contest against otherDistrict D winners throughout the entire state. “Visiting the other city’s in our district just exemplifies the pridethat we all have in our communities.  TheGarden Club members are very proud of all the cities that participated in thecontest because they are all winners”, stated Stella Lasseigne, District IIIChairman.

Thibodaux’sfirst district win was back in 1970 and has had 11 district wins since then withfour of those wins leading to the Cleanest City State Title. A very excited Mayor Charles Caillouet stated that if the city continuesto band together as we did for this district win we certainly have a good chancein going all the way to the top and receiving the highest honor of being thestate champs.  “The statecompetition is much harder due to the competition being tougher. Now we are competing directly against other winners. We have to strive harder to get the city ready for this next step ofcompetition.  As of this time, wehave not been told when the state judging will take place, but as soon as wehave word we will let everyone know so that we can once again prepare ourbeautiful city,” said Mayor Charles Caillouet.

Mayor Caillouetextends a special thanks to all employees of the city who worked long anddiligently to make this win possible.          

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