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310 West 2nd Street
P.O. Box 5418 
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70302
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Wednesday,January 31, 2001

ForImmediate Release

ForMore Information Contact:

            Mayor CharlesCaillouet at 446-7218




The start-upof a major road construction program in the City of Thibodaux is underway, said MayorCaillouet.   Residents of Thibodaux willsoon be enjoying new street improvements throughout the city.  Construction began on Monday, January 29, 2001with the replacement of waterlines on Palm Place and Foret Streets in the City ofThibodaux.   Other roads to bereconstructed during Phase I of the road improvement projects include Himalaya, Lafaye,and St. Charles from 2nd St. to 7Th St. and Ridgefield Avenue fromThompson Place to Plantation.  Mayor Caillouetsaid that the reconstruction of these roads would begin in approximately 2 weeks.   Barriere Construction Company was awardedthe contract for the improvements by the City.

 The city's street improvement program includes aculmination of work that was planned since May of last year when a priority list ofstreets was given to the City Council by Mayor Caillouet.  During 2000 the City reconstructed the SP Road near the Bayou leading to St.Mary St. and also a section of Hale Drive, which had completely failed. This is the firstof several road improvement projects, which will be performed in the next two years, theMayor said.   The City also plans tobegin the reconstruction of several Roads in Priority 2 this year.

  In addition to the waterline and road projects, thecity has relined a section of sewer line that was collapsing on East 2nd Streetand placed some sewer taps on St. Charles St.  Additionallythe West Gas Project construction will begin in a matter of weeks, which will amount toapproximately 1.4 million dollars of construction.  Coupledwith this project, the city will have spent close to two million dollars on capitalprojects this year. 

 TheMayor and City Council have several other projects out for bid in the coming weeks.  These projects include some much-neededrenovations at the Sewer Plant, the widening of North Canal Boulevard to (3) three lanes,the construction of the 40 Arpent Road extension between North Canal Blvd. and St. PatrickHighway, and the renovation of the Public Works Offices.  The office complex will house the Streets, Drainage, Sewer, Gas, and Waterdistribution offices as well as the Building Permits and Inspection divisions of thedepartment the mayor said.  Later this yearplans and specifications will be bid for the improvements to the reservoir recreationalarea, Sewer Station at Audubon, Modifications to the Water Plant Pumps and the Expansionof some Recreational facilities.  The Mayorconcluded saying that this was only a brief overview of some of the new improvedfacilities planned for the citizens of Thibodaux. 


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