310 West 2nd Street
P.O. Box 5418
Thibodaux, LA 70302
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Thibodaux City Court
Mark D. Chiasson - City Judge

1309 Canal Blvd.
P.O. Box 568
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70302
Office: (985) 446-7238
Fax: (985) 446-7275


  Thibodaux City Court     
  1309 Canal Blvd. 
  Thibodaux, Louisiana  70301
 Title  Name  Phone Number
    Lori Kraemer   985-446-7250  
  Clerk   Regina Hotard   985-446-7209  
    City Court of Thibodaux   985-446-7238  
  Deputy Clerk   Allison Gros   985-446-7253  
  Deputy Clerk   Jessica Stein   985-446-7251  
  Deputy Clerk   Lisa Battaglia   985-446-7252  
  Deputy Clerk   Regina Hotard   985-446-7209  
  Deputy Clerk   Sara Pearson   985-448-5849  
  City Marshal   Harley Gros   985-446-7254  
  Deputy City Marshal   Foye Lirette   985-446-7264  
  City Marshal Secretary   Olivia Landry   985-446-7258  
  City Prosecutor   Brad Naquin   985-448-5851  

City Courtís hours are 8:30am-4:30pm

    Thibodaux City Court is accepting resumes for a part-time clerk position.

    The duties of this position will entail assisting other deputy clerks, including but not limited to,†running office errands,†filing paperwork, and other miscellaneous work.

    This position will pay minimum wage with a†minimum†of 15 hours per week and a maximum of 25 hours per week.

    Please send resumes to:

    City Court of Thibodaux

    P.O. Box 568†

    Thibodaux, LA† 70301


    email:† Regina Hotard, Clerk at:† †ReginaH@ci.thibodaux.la.us



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