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February 2005

  City of Thibodaux, LA

City of Thibodaux
Employee of the Month


Elward Carter

Nominations Letter...
I want to take this opportunity to nominate Mr. Elward Carter for Employee of the Month for the month of January 2005. Elward works in the City's Parks Department.

I have had the pleasure of working with Elward during the development of the City's Standards of Performance. During my experience with Elward, I came to realize that he is a kind, personable employee who cares about his job and his fellow employees. I have noticed Elward working all over the City. Whether at City Hall, Canal Boulevard or the Civic Center, he is always busy, but never too busy to give a big wave hello.

Although I do not supervise Elward, he seems to be a very conscientious employee who takes pride in his work. His work ethic is that same work ethic we all should display. In my opinion he exemplifies what a City of Thibodaux employee should be.

We can all look at Elward as an example of how we should perform at our job, thereby making him a perfect candidate for "Employee of the Month.


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