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  City of Thibodaux, LA

City of Thibodaux
Employee of the Month

Anthony Miller

Nomination Letter:
Last week I personally witnessed an employee explaining to a disgruntled customer how service had been done to rectify his complaint. The customer had to be physically restrained at City Hall the previous day. This employee employed the standard of Attitude that should be exhibited by all of our City Employees. He let the customer know that he was important and carefully explained even to inviting him to get down on the ground next to him, which he did, as he showed the customer that his gas meter was indeed registering correctly. He followed up with having the crew check for any leaks, which may have caused his bill to be more than what he thought it might be. Upon seeing the conditions under which these customers were living, he took the initiative to offer them alternative sources to help them cope with their utility and rent bills through our Section 8 housing program. For these reasons and his everyday good nature and willingness to help others Anthony Miller deserves a WOW.
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