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 Employee of the Month
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March 2004

  City of Thibodaux, LA

City of Thibodaux
Employee of the Month

Barry Borne

Nomination Letter -
I would like to submit the name of Barry Borne as employee of the Month. Barry is a sewer treatment plant operator. A few months ago Mr. Borne was asked to step up and take the place of an employee on leave. During the year Mr. Borne, on his own initiative, had taken a certification course beyond what was required for his duties at the sewer treatment plant, which made him one of the people considered to assume this supervisory position. Mr. Borne, without hesitation, took on the responsibilities and performed them admirably. He is today continuing to serve in this supervisory position as an illness has further hampered the return of the regular supervisor for this position. He is presently still doing an excellent job and is doing this relief supervisory job with no increase in compensation. Mr. Borne has been called upon previously for additional assignments within the Department of Public Works and has always been willing to put the City and its people first.
(Signature of Author)



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