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February 2004

  City of Thibodaux, LA

City of Thibodaux
Employee of the Month


Kim Delaune

Nomination Letter:
Please accept this memo as my nomination of “Kim Delaune” for employee of the month.
Ms. Kim represents all the characteristics we look for in an outstanding employee.  Those characteristics are:
Attitude:  Ms. Kim accumulates the daily payroll sheets, and thus officers are asking her question on a daily basis.  She always responds in a polite, helpful tone, and explains how to solve problems.  She displays a positive attitude every day.
Appearance:  Ms. Kim exceeds all the standards of performance as they pertain to appearance.  She represents this City and the TPD in a professional manner every day.  She personally cleans her work area, and assists Mr. Al in keeping the building clean.
Communication:  Ms. Kim answers every telephone call with “may I help you” and those are not empty words.  She truly intends to help that person on the phone.  She obtains all the necessary information, then connects the person with the appropriate officer to solve the problem.
Privacy:  Ms. Kim is privileged to all confidential information within the police department.  She maintains all personnel files, and therefore is aware of all personal matters involving officers.  She has earned our trust, by remaining professional and treating all information confidentially.
Customer waiting:  If someone is waiting to see me, and I do not respond, Ms Kim politely reminds me that someone is waiting to see me. If I am in another meeting, she advises the person waiting, and apologizes for the delay.  She uses the same procedure for a person waiting on the telephone.  If I cannot take the call immediately, she apologizes then asks permission if we my return the call.
    In closing, let me say that the City of Thibodaux is a better place to live because of Ms. Kim.  I am proud to have her as a member of this department, and more importantly, proud to have her as a friend.



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